WMYW #007

Read somewhere that to be an awesome blogger, you'd have to post something new every week.
I just got a notification from Facebook that I haven't posted in 13 days. The 164 people who have been deceived into liking this thing apparently miss me.

Haven't been around as much as I would have wanted to, I know.
Because guess where I've been?

Oh I don't know.

Grand old Ilocos?

Every nerd's dream come to life, baby. And we were there. 

So was Bagyong Lando, but hey, that just makes the story much more interesting.

Get ready for stories of their famed windmills, bagnet, sad baby tigers and braving the storm in order to get home in one piece.

I can't wait to post all about it!

But you have to wait coz I have like 947 photos that I have to sort through.

We also have some other cool stuff coming on like our latest bookhaul for this quarter (thank you National Bookstore for sales and younger siblings who won't blink twice about spending Php1,500 on lovely books), a city girl's guide to island living, and how to sleep on the airport floor like a badass.

All this and more guys.


You're in for a flood!

I love you all.


Our anniversary is coming up! I feel a giveaway a-comin'


K x

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