I don't even care that they got my name wrong (it's KristiANA, guys, btw :D). All I care about is having been nominated for 4 categories in this year's Philippine Blogging Awards! I don't know, maybe it was my mother, or our neighbor, or some hapless netizen who came across the blog, but whoever you are, I thank you so much! :) See, I'm all about the exclamation points right now. 

Now, I have to decide what "niche" I belong to. Food and Dining? I'm a lame foodie. Travel and Places? I really wish I traveled a lot but I really don't. So, is it Photoblog and Lifestyle and Hobbies then? The blog's more of a mish-mash of all the things I love.

I don't really think I'd win, but getting nominated is honor enough. Validation, kids, Validation. :)

Wish us luck!

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