When I was younger, I really hated that time between the late afternoon and early evening.

That was usually the time when our moms would call us home after a really intense day of batterfeet and bahaw-bahaw. All of a sudden, the rowdy crowd of sweaty kids thinned. One by one, we were ushered home with threats of ungo or enkanto ready to spirit us away if we didn't come home before sundown.

That was when our grandmothers turned on TV Patrol when we would rather watch our anime shows. We were forced to take baths and change into clean clothes. Hands were washed and dinner was served and homework was made. Twilight was the greatest joy killer of my childhood.

I used to hate dusk a lot.

Now I kind of live for it.

See, when you work the night shifts, you rarely get to see the sunset or enjoy the afternoons anymore. You wake up in the evening and start hustling it out until the morning comes. Sleep with the sun still up, rinse and repeat.

And so whenever I get the chance, I cherish the dusk and love it and keep it to memory.

Dusks at Cordova are especially magical.

It makes you feel...



..very much alive.

And for that I am thankful for twilights and the island that I call my home. :)

PS Photos taken from Jed Abbi's camera. I just clicked. :D

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