Newsflash: Island girl finally goes to Cafe Racer after a jillion years of passing it by to and from work every single day.
Yeah boy. *pats back*

This latest offering from the Pages Group (the geniuses who've brought us well-loved restos like Mooon Cafe and Lantaw) reminds me of late, late nights driving across North Reclamation and seeing droves of motorcycles getting ready for a drag race. 

Exciting, gritty, slightly illegal. 

The place itself is so thought-out, it's impressive. It's like one of the owners passed by this former gas station after watching Grease or Back to the Future and thought heyyyy million dollar idea! Why don't we turn this run down place to something awesome?

The racing-diner concept was, of course, loved by Cebuanos. It just opened early this year and it now has a decent following. 

It was me and Fayette with her parents for this trip, right after we did her birthday shoot. We were tired and hungry so the cool, chill atmosphere of the place sure made us comfy. 

And seriously, couches out of Volkswagen cabs?

We ordered like famished alpha males. Their servings were made for tired Ceres bus truckers who came from Santander and back.

Check it:

One simply can't go wrong with breaded porkchops. Omnomnom. Take a look at that serving. 

Their ribs are of the same recipe as Mooon Cafe because duh same owner. Same sweet/savory goodness and love me tender meat. 

Some salad to keep things light of course:

And a double burger steak to stake your life on:

And if you're not full enough, hey, throw in some barkada wings for good measure:

If this doesn't satisfy your hunger I don't know what will. I had a hard time attacking my burger steak. and that was just with one patty. This means that their grub is good for sharing. Big servings= big savings. Happy everybody. This also means that Cafe Racer is friends with your wallet. Score, right? 

The place and its food is perfect for people with big appetites. Like a soccer team. Or your 5 older brothers. It is also so visually pleasing it takes a bit to notice everything.

Yes, that's a hippie Volkswagen doubling as their counter. Nifty. 

Outside, they also have a carwash and an area where they serve beer on a tap that looks just like a gas pump. Again, genius.

Funny enough, I discovered that the name Cafe Racer is actually a type of motorcycle European kids use to "race" or hop from one cafe to another. Laysho.

With Cafe Racer though, you won't really need to hop from one place to another. This joint has all the goods you need for a lovely night out with friends. :)

Cafe Racer is located at the North Reclamation Area, Mandaue City Cebu.
It's bright sign is a homing beacon to all you hungry souls. Can't miss it. :)

What other places in Mandaue have you been to?

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