To stop being sorry for people being disappointed in you. 

To stop thinking about tomorrow. 

To stop thinking that your happiness is selfishness. 

To not let the world's cynicism make you a hard person. 

To really, honestly stay true to yourself. 

To stop looking for others' approval to be happy. 

To not be afraid. 
To go out there and scream your lungs out and just be alive. 

To run and follow your passions. 

To be successful, in whatever aspect of life.

To excel and not be ordinary. 

To be healthy and strong. 
To stop daydreaming and start living the dream.
 To truly know where you're headed.

To be young. 
To get going. 
To be here and now.

To tell a story. 

To make good decisions.
To fight for what you want.

To breathe a clean breath.

To defend the people you love. 
To have people recognize your brand of work. 

To love honestly, truthfully,  without being scared or doubtful. 
To love with all your heart,  without holding anything back.

You get older, but hey, you're still young. And so, so bright. How does it feel like to be a quarter of a century old?

PS here's us:

It was Fay's birthday the other day. She did her make up and clothes. All I had to do was click. Love that girl, she is the best. :)

Happy Birthday, Fay!


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