Anyone who knows me knows I'm a comparer. I'm the neurotic one who holds up my life in one hand and the rest of society's life in another, side by side. I'm the one who tilts my head to the side and ties to spot the difference. I'm the one who asks "Can I be her?". Or hey the sun shines better on the other side. Or, why can't I have that. Why are her thighs smaller. How is it possible that Taylor Swift and I are damn near born just a year apart. I told you, neurotic.

Sometimes when I feel too crazy close to being actually crazy, I spend a lot of time by the bridge after my weekend morning walks. I watch people take a dip in the sea. I watch them have brunch under the shadow of the Marcelo Fernan bridge, right on the water. I watch as a Fastcraft speeds by, creating waves that crash on the rocks right by my feet.

And then life doesn't seem so bad.

I soak up the sun; it feels warm on my skin. The breeze is a balm and then, I feel alive again.

Look at the sun, lovely. The best is yet to come. :)

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