For some, school has already officially started. I've been away from school long enough but there's always that part of me that waxes nostalgic whenever I see blank notebooks, smell that new-bag smell or catch a glimpse of the collar of my old school uniform. It makes me remember what a joy it was to just sit in class and just do what I have to do for that day.

College was especially hard for me, because it threw me off my comfort zone. It was truly my first time away from my beloved island home (although school was just literally on the next, bigger island). From the familiarity of my high school, there was suddenly a whole new world of girls and boys who didn't know my name (or how to pronounce it), nursing procedures and professors who seemed to come straight out of Hades itself. It was a new challenge. It was a struggle. There were some things I wish I knew before I started college. So, since it's June and I'm feeling charitable, here they are. Some of them are deep, some of them...hahaha, well, you decide. Either way, here's some stuff I wish I learned before college.

1. The Eyebrow Game

Photo from Tumblr

First and foremost, the eyebrow game. This is perhaps the most important revelation in college. An epiphany. A genius idea. The eyebrow game is real and mastering it can drastically change your life and throwback photos forever. One must not undermine the ability of a good eyebrow tweezer. Threading is a strong skill set.

2. The Fine Art of Commuting

What did I know about commuting in the city? None. Nada. Blame it on Mactan's circumferential road where you can commute even while sleepwalking. What is a 23D? A 01K? Is that a band, a food label? A secret code perhaps? Which part of the highway is Hi-way Mandaue,exactly? Why are places named like Wireless and Sawang-Calero? And also, can I just ride on a functional Nimbus 2000 to school? I never really thought I could make it past the old bridge on my own then. How stupid of me,seeing as I only had to take a vhire ride to school. Either way, if only someone told me the difference between a 20A and a 20B I wouldn't have been so helpless navigating the city then.

3. Boys

College boys. Big word. High expectations. You're thinking responsible, smart, attractive guys who drive nice cars and smell humot all the time. But then you come to college and you see....high school boys. In better clothes and with more money to spend on DotA. It doesn't help that they want girls who have read the memo re: The Eyebrow Game. Pfff. Thus I've now come up with a rule of thumb. Don't set your eyes on boys on the same level as you are. The mental age of the male species, I've been told, is equivalent to at least 3 years less their actual biological age. So if you're a freshman, having a crush on another freshie is like liking a 13 year old. Shudders. Set your sights higher to upperclassmen. Because they're actually, you know, closer to being men.

4. The Legend of the Skinny Jeans

You come to the college orientation wearing your old baggy jeans looking like someone from the 90s. In a bad way. Not a good sign. Especially if you're five foot nothing and wearing flats. Jeez, girl, haven't you learned anything from high school what is wrong with you.

5. Nursing is a Walk in the Park

Image by CC Ann @ Deviantart
Jurassic freaking park. Enough said.

6. Drinking is But a Phase

I was one of those neurotic kids who thought my friends would end up as alcoholics if they kept up with their Red Horse intake, or that they would positively ruin their lives if they go to Mango one more time. Ha. What a great judge of character I was. Call it culture shock. Most people would really drink in college. It's kind of the angsty teenager thing to do and it was a shock for me. I really thought those kids needed counseling or something, but most of them turn out fine after this phase. Yes, it's just a phase. Getting drunk loses its novelty over time. I'm not saying it's like the coolest thing to do, because I still think it's not, but, honey, people are gonna get over it as they get older. Sooner or later, drinking will get old. So relax.

7. Money

I wish I knew how to save more of it and not spend it all on Hot Fudge sundaes after a bad test. That is all.

8. Learn to Swim, Little Fishy

Haley Williams was right, love. You're not the big fish in the pond no more. Highschool was all fun and games. College is still fun, but with a side of Game of Thrones. Learn to swim. Being yourself is good but it won't be enough. Adapt. Change. Grow. Say yes to opportunities but learn how to say no when you feel like you're being pushed around. Put your game face on. Don't mope around because this subject is hard. Don't be sad because you don't have friends in this class, make some instead. Always put your game face on, but that game face doesnt have to be a resting bitch face either. Learn from experience, open your heart and mind to them. Learn to swim, little fishy.

Ha, I guess that's enough for now!

Til next time! :)

K x