"There are two thrones on that dais"

Woohoo! It's that time again, book nerds! Yesterday, 20th June, our favorite author Leigh Bardugo dropped by to say hi to her Cebuano fans. I still can't believe Cebu is a destination for these bestselling authors. Delighted? I feel like my heart is being squeezed by a Heartrender.

Leigh Bardugo is the genius behind the Grisha trilogy, an epic adventure series set in czarist Russia that centers on Alina Starkov and her extraordinary fate as a Sun Summoner. It's crazy good! And full of potential book boyfriends that range from the light and sweet to dark and crazy. The characters are surprisingly human and so multifaceted it's hard not to fall in love with it. This is a series where you find flawed heroes and villains with human emotions. It was a whirlwind read that left me in tears at the very last chapter. If you haven't already, grab a copy at your nearest NBS branch. :)

This time we took it up a notch and came to the venue even before the mall opened. The lovely people from National Bookstore actually allowed us to get in early, even before the rest of the shoppers came in. Thanks, NBS! And thanks OTSP (I'm officially in da club now buddies. Woohoo!). But really, the true reason for our uncharacteristic punctuality is to get an ARC of Six of Crows, Leigh Bardugo's new book. It doesn't come out until September of this year, so if you are a fan, you would do your best to grab hold of it a good 3 months ahead of the rest of the world. Too bad, some kids came in waaaay earlier than us. What!

Krisha and Grisha, hey? HA. We were meant to be. I'll make Leigh see it.

How ya doing fellow nerds!

Ok so while waiting (it was a pretty long wait), let's catch some Zzz's. :)

Anyone a Sobachka fan out there?

Yes, the wait is over at last! Take a look at those ecstatic fans!

Hello Leigh! We're so happy you've come all the way to our island home.

Leigh talks about her journey towards being a writer, about the Grisha Trilogy and her upcoming works and how she loves loves loves Game of Thrones. Best advice I got? "Finish that first draft!" says le bestselling author. Never give up on it. It might be ugly and messy, but finish it. It's your first stepping stone towards being the writer you've always wanted to be. :)

Talk about apt pupils, right?

Here were the early birds who got the ARCs! They came in at 4am, guys. 4am!

Smile everyone! :)

Karling gets a Grisha bag for her Sobachka flag. Way to go! :)

"Got any favorite character?" "Uh," I said, "The, uh, Darkling." And before I lose the nerve: "Why'd you let him die?" It sounded like a whine! Haha jeez. But then Leig just rolls her eyes and says, "Oh come on, you know he was gonna make trouble," but signs my book with Make Me Your Villain anyway. :)

And there's just me. With nothing to give her. Ha. Well Leigh, I'll finish that draft soon!

Thanks for visiting Cebu, Leigh! And thank you for this wonderful series! 

Til the next booksigning, nerds! :)

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