What do the crew members of MV Logos Hope do in their free time?

Chilling? Reading? Playing tag with local kids?

It's not everyday we find foreign people interacting with locals, so it came as a pleasant surprise when we found the crew of MV Logos Hope playing with some kids near the big tree at Plaza Independencia.

You can hear their raucous laughter from a distance.

Stephen asked me to take his photo and post it on his facebook account.

Just seeing their little faces light up with joy warmed up our hearts like a midsummer day. Some played tag, frisbee and some ball, others had guitars and beat boxes while some even brought traditional board games like sungka. 

This volunteer was still catching his breath while the kids kept shouting "Colin! Colin!" asking for a chase.

In this time and age where "keeping in touch" is so easy with phones and gadgets and computers, it's wonderful to see these volunteers do it the old-fashioned way. Even if they come from different countries and speak a language that's far from our native tongue, somehow, they have formed a connection with the kids that afternoon. Language isn't much of a barrier when you are sincere in your efforts to connect with people, yes? :)

A volunteer teaches the kids how to take a photo with his phone.
Not  your usual walk in the park.

MV Logos Hope left for Subic the other day but somehow they have left an indelible memory that these kids would keep in their hearts forever. :)

Til you dock on our shores again, MV Logos Hope!

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