Why is everyone in my age group getting married? Did I miss a memo? Skipped a developmental stage? My feeds are abuzz with nuptials and happy couples, cakes, rings and other finery. 

What I didn't expect was one of my bestfriends marrying within a week's notice. Since we didn't have the chance to fly to Marawi for her lovely wedding, I've made Magi to promise me at least a post-nup. Yes, I do post-nups, if there were such thing. 

Isn't she just the prettiest? 

[Edit: I got feedback from my friends that the number of photos I post are insufficient. I have been bugged with "Asa na man ang uban, Krish!" constantly, by different people. Haha. So, I have added my other favourite frames from this shoot. Thank God for Lightroom. Enjoy!]

Magi is the craziest friend I know.

She runs after jeeps in her stilettos.

She did her own make up on her wedding.

She can probably memorize a whole Drug Therapeutic Record if she had to.

Don't you love her style? I know I do. :) She rocks a hijab like a princess, and is proud to wear one, too.

It sure feels weird to have one married friend. Does she know marriage has legal implications? Haha, don't mind me, Magi. I'm just equal parts jealous and thrilled for you and this new chapter in your life. Yes, I just said "new chapter".

Congratulations and best wishes to you, Mags!

PS and then, there's us:

Okay, that's it, pancit!

Til the next wedding!

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