So a couple of weeks back, my good friend Scott Pacaldo asks me if I wanna take my camera out for a spin and go with him for a shoot. Little did I expect that it was for zerothreetwo, one of Cebu's premier online magazines.

Suffice it to say that I was more than psyched to finally "learn by doing", so off we went to the city to make cool stuff happen. :)

Meet the cool kids.
It was my first time to be on an actual shoot with actual models who aren't my next-door neighbors or cousins, so it felt very daunting at the beginning. Real life heebee jeebees. I mean, models? Psh. I have an irrational issue with people who have long legs, thigh gaps and attitude problems thanks to watching one too many ANTM episodes. And Scottie and Joem are probably pros at photography, whereas I, well, let's just say my DSLR wasn't even a month old then and I didn't really know what all the buttons did. I had a lot going on in my head. But thankfully, none of my scary expectations were met. It turned out that everyone was friendly, chill and helpful. And that I was having a mini-nervous breakdown for nothing.

Okay, let's do this thing.
Observe, young padawan. I'm watching how Scottie makes his shoots work. 

Joem was there to help me with my settings. Great guy!

It was really great to see how a shoot works in real life. How the photographers look for that perfect slant of light to create the mood. How they compose the photograph. How the models angle their faces and limbs to make a great pose. How the persons on and behind the camera interact. How the photographer gives instruction and how the model responds to it. It's a science! These are factors you never really consider on a random selfie session with friends, but are indispensable when making a vision come to life.

Aw, look at them, pretending they all know each other. ;)

A light moment while Scott instructs the models on how to pose for the photo he has in mind.

The models--- Chennie, Josh and Ronah--- were pros in their own right. These kids were made for the camera.

Well, you know. Just some kids on a street corner. Wait, why's Scott laughing?

Watch out for that habal-habal Scott! Shooting along the graffiti wall in  Escario was dangerously fun.

So we walked around Escario a bit. It was hot, my feet hurt (no thanks to my wedge sneaks) and we encountered a few occupational hazards ie almost getting run over by cars but hey. All in a fun day's work! 
They're not very comfy for shoots. But they are pretty,so....

We need water, yes.
Josh's phone actually rang mid-shoot. Ha! :D

We made our way back to Ayala and had a break. Thanks for the sweetcorn slush, Scott ma man. The heat was exhausting, but the light was great outside so it was well worth it. By this time I've realized how important it is to be aware of the light. Like for reals. They weren't kidding when they said that good light is a photographer's best friend. No matter how good your model or gear or composition is, without good light it's all for naught. True story. 

Also, I learned to adjust the camera's setting's according to the light. Sounds like a no-brainer, yes, but it's easier said than done especially if you're a trigger-happy noob like me.  

Smile! Girl must be tired but hey. :)

We went around Ayala a couple more times before finally going back to our initial rooftop place. It was almost sundown by then. A tad bit tired, but I was still on a roll, and so was everyone on the team.

Work it, Scottie. Work it!

So a few shots here and there and before we knew it, it was already sunset and people were filing in from church and...inevitably, it was a wrap! And people actually say the phrase. And clap.  

And it's a wrap!

The whole experience was just so encouraging for me. I really thought it was so nice of Scott to think of me when he got this project. I learned so much, met new people and made friends. It was great in both challenging and inspiring ways and I wanted to do it for like a hundred more times more. 

For the first time, I kind of said to myself: So this is what doing what you love feels like.

Awwe, that was cheesy, wasn't it? But I'd preach it any day.

Fun day, eh? 
Check out the official February release from zerothreetwo right here, photographed by Scott Pacaldo.

I'll put my favorite photos on a separate post. ;)

Here is Ronah's post about this very fun day.
Know more about our photographer Scott here.

Til next time!

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