Hello to the few people on the internet who "follow" the blog! :) It has been a while since my last post. I was caught up in this huge oral surgery thing where, not one, but two of my molars were removed. Isn't that amazing?? Uh, no. It was actually painful and yucky and needless to say (but I'll say it anyway) I had a lot of trouble eating.

But now I'm OK so let's celebrate my recovery by pigging out! Yeaaah boy!

People keep saying that now is a good time to be a foodie in Cebu. The city is crawling with new places that simply must be tried. Truthfully, I'm not at all good at food blogging, or eating in general (Can't walk two feet without Kremil S. I'm trying ok!) but I finally found a place that was worth the post. Lo and behold, the quaint little Brussels Cafe and Bistro.

Located at the heart of Banilad, you can't miss Brussels. It's right next to Gaisano Country Mall. The outside is very easy on the eyes and should give you a hint about the ingredients that they use for their yummy meals (clue: they're all organic!). The friends and I opted to walk from IT Park. It was a long hot walk but when we finally arrived, we were relieved.
Noel The Snowman (rumoured to be Olaf's cousin but I can't be too sure) greets you on the way in. :)
The space is small and cozy. Check out the photos of Europe on the tables.
We were the first guests of the day, which was great since the space is kinda small. I think it adds to the cozy charm but deffo not a place for big groups. Also, the attendants said most of their crowd comes in at around lunch, so yay for the early birds!

I think the best thing about the place is that even if its really tiny, the menu is anything but. They have everything from breakfast sets to cold cut orders to desserts to smoothies and frappes. And all prices are affordable! Brussels is definitely the little cafe that could.
Check it! The cafe has this crazy extensive menu!
But wait, there's more! The shelves are decked with assorted cookies, jams, spreads and a lot more. Where is all this stuff coming from?!

Assorted cookies!
That's my jam!

They even have wine. Like srsly.
I think I'm forgetting something.

Oh, the actual food! Silly me!
Their 3-sausage meal was filling. It had legit marmalade too!
I forgot what this one is called. But it tastes like a macaron!
Choco ganache cake. Omnomnom.
Have some hearty hot chocolate.
House blend iced tea. 
The friends and I ate til we were stuffed. Pearl ordered chicken and I got a frikendel sausage but that got lost somewhere. You can go to their website to check out their menu. There were just so many choices.

So, how's my first attempt at "food blogging"? All in all the friends and I had a great time. We actually gushed about how cool the place was. It was laid-back but it definitely had a lot to offer.

Check out more of their dishes and prices at their official website right here. Definitely coming back to try out their waffles! :)

Til the next food trip! See ya! :)

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