I always cherish traveling, because I don't travel often. As you know, a few months ago, me and my friends headed out to Davao.

While most of our days were spent in the countryside, like in Mati or somewhere around Mt Apo, we also had a bit of downtime to explore the country's biggest city. And what better place to begin than

the Davao Crocodile Park?

As you know, seeing caged animals has always rubbed me the wrong way. Remember our trip to Chavit Singson's Baluarte in Ilocos? That was one nightmare I didn't want to repeat. *shudders*

For an entrance fee of Php 250, you can enter the huge park and view the animals, attractions and shows.

And crocodiles:

There was a lot of them. Very scary reptiles. We saw none of their human counterparts though, if you know what I mean. I guess our politicians don't hang out here often. These crocs are too good to be their company anyway. :)

We watched an animal show, which was, I admit, oddly entertaining.

Although the animals are kept in captivity, they actually seem well-cared for here. The place is well-kept and the caretakers seem to enjoy what they're doing, too.

I can't speak for these birds in the cage though:

I think they're going to end up as croc food? But I  might be wrong.

The place is great for kids, that's for sure. There are many animals---from orang utans to ostrich to Bengal tigers. The show was fun and engaging and talked about wildlife preservation. They even  had birds of prey swooping in to the stage!

At one point, we also entered their "dragon" den, where they keep the large lizards and this very large tortoise.

We got chased. By the tortoise

Never let it be said that they move slow, because I was so terrified for my ass.

I have footage but it's too embarrassing to post, especially when you're being chased by a tortoise and you're scared as fudge.

You know, I just wish these animals didn't have to be kept in cages. This is one of the better facilities I've been to, but many animals all over our country are still being hunted or are running out of natural habitats. I hope that the Davao Crocodile Farm will continue it's job of promoting wildlife preservation and keep the animals in their care happy, safe and healthy.

Check out the details of the Davao Crocodile Farm here.

Let me know what you think!


K x

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