People always say, 

Change is the only constant thing in this world.

But I think they missed out on one crucial thing: change is also scary as all hell.

I guess it's normal to be anxious. All first times are. It always is wild when you're in the cusp (wow big word, there, cusp) of something new, or unexpected. There are new things to learn, new people, new experiences.

We're at this stage in life where nothing is set in stone. Almost every path is a forked one. You can go down one direction or the other. Choices are very crucial, especially when it comes to your career. A lot of us are anxious of making the wrong choice. We're sometimes so frozen in our fear of striking out that we don't bother playing the game at all. We find our comfort zones and stay there. We think--- hey, it's not so bad here, why would I even bother leaving?

But what if we could be so much more outside of it?

Growth is outside your comfort zone, they said.

If you're already the biggest fish in the pond, go find another pond, they said.

Change is scary as fudge but it's necessary. That I said.

I'm saying it to myself, as I type.

Sometimes when I sit in my office, I think of all the changes that came to my life thus far. A lot of them are welcome, but some of them are unpleasant. But I dealt with them nonetheless. Sometimes I even think of my friends who are now doctors or lawyers or married and I wonder why I haven't changed as drastically as them. Is it because I'm too scared to lose?

But at this point, what have you to lose that you wouldn't gain from in the long run?

I'm being introspective lately. The blog is riddled with feelings and musings about adulting and careers and wanting to be better. I guess this is going to be one of those posts.

Don't worry, I'll post about something funny or silly soon. Maybe even a rare travel post. But for now, there's this: as Mcdo would say, welcome change, dearest millennial.

It's not as scary as it sounds.

That's it pancit.


K x

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