March 8, 2017

You’re traveling
You heard it was nice--- for broken hearts
You’re traveling, like the miles
You put between each other
Can outlast the distance between your hearts

You’re traveling to remind
Yourself that the world is bigger
Bigger than you or him or the broken pieces of the both of you in between

You’re traveling to forget
Maybe if you walked far enough
And swam deep enough
And flew high enough
You’d forget how it all used to feel

How he kisses your brow at the
End of every day, or how one of you
Threw everything away

You’re traveling
Because, well, you’re unravelling
Because you don’t even know how to be you without him and
You’re learning, again.
You’re learning how to be you.

You’re traveling and trying to see the world with
Brand new eyes
You’re traveling and wish to leave everything behind.


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