Let's take a quick break from our Davao Adventures. I just realized one thing: it's December!

Guys, it's December!

My most favorite time of the year! OMG! It totally crept up on us, didn't it? One day we were just celebrating Halloween, and now it's almost Christmas! OMG!

No wonder Jose Mari Chan songs were playing nonstop everywhere. Let's go whip out the queso de bola and the embutido and...other Christmasy things!

Why do we love December?

It reminds us of cold weather, crisp night drives, matcha frappes, new planners, the smell and sound of gift wrappers, adventuring around Colon to find stuff for our nieces and nephews and godchildren, good food by mom, parties with people that you love and family get-togethers and Christmas bonuses!


Absolutely love the Christmas parties. 

I been telling myself that I'm an introvert, but apparently, I'm not. LOL!

Just last week, Zerothreetwo threw a cool party for our growing family. I was so glad to finally meet the people behind the cool website. Plus, gifts! Haha, can't turn down gifts. Perhaps a separate post for that is in order. Scott took these great lomo shots of us that I can't wait to share.

Then, there was that epic breakfast in Marco Polo care of the big bosses at work for the past quarter's achievers. 

Now, I hardly post anything about my corporate life but I'm definitely glad to have been part of the list. Let's just say it doesn't happen too often. LOL.

My work team also threw a McDonalds party. The funny thing was, there were only 2 kids. The rest was us oldies. Hahaha! And look at this awesome planner I got from my manita:

Wishes do come true.

Also, it's my birth month! 

Totally selfish reason to love the season, I know. But. I literally have to wait all year for it so I always get pumped up for my birthday. 

And last but not the least, it's all about Jesus' birthday. 

Most especially. The reason for the season. I love Simbang Gabi, even if I get to spend it in the office sometimes. It's a wonderful time to be alive.

The best part is we're just getting started! :) The whole month is there ahead of us, so more things to experience, lots more places to go, and so much more people to experience the love with.

Happy Holidays, everyone!


K x

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