Twenty-five. For some it's the highlight of their lives, for others it's kind of that awful in-between. One things for sure:  the word will always gonna feel weird on your tongue. Haha, you just don't get used to it, sometimes. Me? 25? Are you sure? What was I doing between ages 21 and now?

A few days from now, I turn 26 (reality check: you're not a teenager anymore, Krish!) so I thought to share some things I've learned the past year, before I turn a year older.

1 You'll always feel old

But you're not, not really. You're young and while you may not have all the things you want in life yet, there's time to hustle for them. Use your youth wisely. :)

2 The world can sometimes make you feel inadequate

Don't be fooled by social media. Everyone is also figuring their shit out. Don't worry. You got this. Take it one day at a time.

3 Everything has its learning curve

Mistakes, bad decisions, challenges, a new environment --- those are things you can learn around. Everything is a learning curve. Don't think for one second that you can't learn it because it's not your forte. If there's anything I've learned from sitting in all my mom's networking seminars is that you can learn things and reinvent yourself. It's 2016 for peace's sake. You can learn anything you put your heart into.

4 But then again it takes discipline and effort to focus on something

It takes intent and discipline...which we sometimes forgo in favor of nights out or books or whatever distraction. Things will not come to you so easily... You have to chase them down.

5 No ones gonna make it difficult for you

When you were in school you had your teachers make it difficult for you. After that, you gotta take it upon yourself to always challenge your limits. No one's gonna make it difficult for you at 25, no. You have to make things difficult yourself so that you can grow, improve and be a better human being.

6 Success is sooo relative

Don't let society define success. Be proud of your achievements no matter how small.

7 It pays to reach out

We live in a time where everything is a click away. Dorothy had to follow the yellow brick road to find her wizard; us millenials can just tweet them. Never be afraid to let someone know they've influenced you. Or that you want to work with them, or care for them or are thinking of them. 

8 Save!

Your twenties is the best time to save! And it's really not that hard.

9 Love is always a choice

Contrary t popular belief, it's not merely a feeling. You have to accept that when you love someone they are also flesh and bone and mind and soul. They make mistakes, or decisions that you may not like.

10 Everybody is still figuring their shit out

So don't freak out. You're not alone. It might seem like everyone else has everything down to pat but, they're still figuring everything out, so don't be afraid to make mistakes.

11 Procrastination is your worst enemy

Never delay. Got a good idea? Write it down. Need to check something off your to-do list? Do it as soon as you could. I think you can officially call yourself an adult when you've mastered the art of self discipline. Really kind of hard, but it's a rite of passage.

12 Your college course does not define you

Nope, it doesn't. It's actually both the hardest and easiest realizations I've ever had this year. It used to rile at me that I'm not a practicing nurse when it was something I worked hard for. Then I realized, you don't have to be a nurse to be successful, or relevant or happy. There are many things to be in this world, and if your college course is not the path for you, then you'll just have to make your own. College may play a part, but it doesn't ultimately map out your life.

13 God still knows you better than you know yourself 

You might think you've mastered yourself. You're following your heart. But oftentimes I find myself still seeing through really short-sighted vision. Who to turn to but God? I think one of the struggles of adulting is that you're dead set to make it on your own that you forget that there is a God who loves and cares and has plans for you and it's a good thing to keep in mind.

14 It pays to travel

Oh traveling. It's a joy I never thought I needed. It's just simply wonderful. It's all about getting brand new eyes and a chance to see the world beyond your bubble. I love it. It's worth the saving.

15 Also pays to learn life skills

Sometimes, I wish I was better at other things, like driving or fixing appliances or growing veggies or making bargains. Spending time with my hustler of an uncle this year taught me that life skills are better than what you'd learn in a classroom. Experience is truly the best teacher.

16 People will come and go

Remember that line from Ratatouille where Remy and his daddy rat are having an argument? Remy says, Change is nature. There's nothing permanent in this world--- not even people. And so you gotta learn how to swim, with or without them.

17 Your music preference when u were 16 pretty much stays w u forever

I still love Urbandub.

18 You can't keep eating Regular Yum forever

How about a Cheeseburger Yum? No dice. You gotta eat something healthy for once, or download that calorie-counting app, even if it hurts your feelings. Your metabolism slows down as you get older, so you just have to do what you gotta do.

19 Remember the time when social media didn't exist

Social media and the internet is great, but sometimes it can all feel loud and overwhelming. Learn to tune it out, to shut if off and try to live a life without hashtags.

20 Side hustles are life

Someone's probs said it already but I'll say it again: it's actually your hobbies that make life better and more meaningful. Side hustles--- things and projects that you do putside your day job are more often fulfilling, even if they don't pay as much. I work at 9-5 job that pays the bills, but its the little side things (photography, writing, my bookstore) that feed the soul.

21 Love your family 

 They're your biggest support team, duh!

22 Never stop growing 

Not your referring to your waistline. See #1 and # 3.  You'll have a learning curve for everything. Failure only sucks if you don't learn anything out of it. Never be afraid of having an empty cup. Don't be scared pf letting others fill it.

23 Never settle

Go for gold, as much as you can. You deserve the best, so strive for it. And nope, it doesn't mean living beyond your means either. I mean this in more of a relationships kind of way. Never settle for lame excuses, or a half-assed version of love--- if I would say so myself.

24 Be thankful

I learned that thankfulness is an attitude. Gratitude Attitude, is what my mama calls it.

25 Be Patient

There's a time and season for everything, and it's true. Others have their timeline, you have yours. This is by far one of the hardest lessons to learn this year, since I'm not a very patient person. But it's a skill one needs to possess. Chill, you got this. Wait for the right time, but I guess you gotta do something worthwhile, too, while waiting. I hope that made sense!

Here's to being 26! I hope it's another grand challenge. Thank you God for another year!

All the love,

K x


Photos from the Wolfpack Christmas Dinner. It was a whole lot of fun. :)

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