A lot of my friends find love funny.

Not ha-ha funny, more like crazy, cuckoo, naboang na ka funny.

They think it's is a ponzi scheme, an evil modus operandi perpetrated by crooks who just want an easy out. They like thinking about it as a perishable item, and those who believe in it, well, they've probably gone crazy too. 

Krish, they said, why would you believe in something that isn't guaranteed to last, right? 

Something volatile and probably nonexistent?

We used to be such happy cynics together back in the day. We'd be the bunch of kids sitting on a corner snorting at someone's bouquets and some such romantic fodder. I still do, btw. Still a Grinch when it comes to showy bouts of romance (I mean, a teddy bear, bouquet, really? *gag*)

But less a cynic now, and more of a staunch believer. 

And I just love it when these friends all go huffy and puffy and irate when I tell them that love may not be such a perishable item after all.

Fight me on this.

My head may be in the clouds, or I might have listened to too many Westlife ballads. 

But I think we owe it to ourselves-- to save a part of ourselves that believes that love exists. 

Somewhere, in some form.

Do I really believe in this "scam"?

The world is tough. There are shitty excuses for people out there. But, what I learned is that you don't have to let the world make you a hard person. Life may be tough but it is beautiful, too. And I think it's more beautiful when it's shared with people.

We'll always build walls to protect ourselves from being disappointed and heartbroken, but if you never take a chance then...well, you'll never win anything at all. 

Love is always a risk, a gamble. 

It's not a fleeting feeling. It's a choice that you have to make  with your eyes open. And that's the scary part, isn't it? To voluntarily share a piece of you with someone, knowing it may well end up in a train wreck. But, like what my bro Jay-Z always said, 

Life's for living, not living uptight

Whether you choose to live this life with a person, or a lot of persons or the whole entire world, you're never on the losing side when you let yourself love.

Well, at least those are my three cents.

All the love,

K x

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