Two years ago, I sat in my living room sofa, unable to do almost anything physical for fear of busting my stitches.

Hmmm, that's a pretty gross intro. Anyway, two years later, and here we are!

KFTI is officially two years old!

*confetti!* *applause!*

I've been planning to make this into A Thing--- you know, the whole nine yards: a countdown, a give-away, me hiding books in terminals like my dear friend Emma Watson. But, alas, life has other plans. Still thankful though!

This space in the internets has gone through one transformation from the other. Frankly, I can't believe it's been two years! 

We began with our adventures in traveling, to photographs, to stories about love and life. 

Here are some highlights of this year:

Finally did this:

Been a long time coming, but we here now. Haha, took me two years, but yes, finally, this year, we officially became krishafromtheisland dot com. :)

Writing for online magazines!

 Officially became a contributor for my favorite online magazine, zerothreetwo.com! Been one of the funnest, coolest jobs I've ever had thus far because I get to write about the things that I love in the island and reach more people! It's a plus that the kids at 032 are cool. I love the culture they're promoting and glad I'm part of it. :)

We set up shop for a book shop!

My bookshop, Cliffhanger Cebu, was one of the best things that happened this summer! We specialize in Young Adult books not usually found in thrift shops. I love the excitement that comes with opening books and delivering them to their new owners. It was fun.

The DMD elections!

This year was never dull! The past elections were cray! Still, part of this year's highlights because we got to participate and make a change. And I got a new phone to shoot around with so that was also cool. Haha.

All dogs go to heaven

This one's always gonna hurt. This year, I lost my pet Albus. I love you, baby boy.

The beach was never far

What's an island girl without her sea? Even if we were busy running around with errands and checking things off our list, we still found time to go to the beach. The island is wonderful.

Founded The Write Club Cebu

I thought we needed more fiction writers in the island. Or maybe I was lonely in my endeavors and thought I needed a friend. So, viola, #TWCC was born. I love having a community of people who love writing!

Made more portraits

Little steps for sure! But I love love love getting to know more people through photography. :)

Wow, I didn't know this year would be so full! Thank you God for this space, and for YOU, who's always been there to cheer me on. Even if I get annoying sometimes. LOL.

Here's to more beautiful things, growth and challenges for the coming year!


K x

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