01K PART 2

Previously on 01K: Kit is lost in SM Seaside City on a midnight sale Saturday without any memory of how to get home to her house and her ig-agaw Jenjen has ditched her. A super shufu stranger danger comes swooping in to the rescue. He's too pretty to be a member of a Budol-budol gang, but...well, you can read part one here. :)

Kit’s heart was pounding in her ears. This was wrong. Amnesia or no, she knew pretty boys didn’t talk to her on a normal day...unless he wanted her to do his homework, or other kinds of trouble. And Kit definitely didn’t need any self-serving troublemakers right now. Not when her head was pounding and her limbs were screaming and her memory had all but abandoned her.
“Do I know you?” she snaps, temper rising, and it comes out so rude and frustrated that the stranger had to raise his thick, eyebrows and hands in a gesture of peace.
He had nice hands. And dark hair that probably needed a cut. He was taller than she -- Kit had to look up to properly glare at him. She didn’t think she could stand up to this guy for too long. His face looked like he did angelic Bear Brand commercials as a kid and got kicked out of the club for being a devil.

“Easy,” Stranger Danger said, like he was placating a wild animal, slowly placing his hands in the pockets of his jeans, “I was just going to ask if you needed any help,” he shrugged. His every gesture was easy, confident. He was still had that lazy smile on his face. He must have done this a thousand times.

“I’m good, thank you,” Kit lied through her teeth. She kept walking.
“Really?” he said with a little snort.  He was still keeping up. Why we as he still keeping up? “Coz you’ve circled my store four times already,” he said, cocking his head to some boutique they must have passed by.

“And you look like you’re about to cry.”

That was it.

Kit tried to look as angry and indignant as she can with wobbly lips.
The guy had the decency to raise his eyebrows as Kit wiped away hot, angry tears.

“I’m not lost, okay!” she said, voice cracking.

She stared down Stranger Danger whose dark eyes had gone a bit wide as a few heads turned their way.

“Just--- can you just please go away?” the words sounded like they were being wrenched out of her. Her loud, brittle voice was foreign to her ears.
She was sniffing and sobbing. God, she was sobbing.
“I don’t have time for this or you or anything else!” She was bawling her eyes out now, unraveling before these stupid strangers and this insufferable prick but she hardly cared.
“I am so so SO tired and so away from home and  I have to find my cousin who ditched me and -- -ugh Jennifer!”

Relief cut through her sobs as she  found Jen, behind the boy, in her stupid cropped top, who looked just as shocked as the rest of the people witnessing their little scene.
“Kit,” she began, her eyes wide and blinking furiously,  “I swear I---”

“Jen, what the hell!”

Kit started to  march right up to Jen to give her a piece of her mind, but someone was beating her to it.
Stranger Danger.
The sight of him sauntering over to  Jen in loping, graceful steps made Kit stop in her tracks. His pretty face was anything but determined. And frowning. Kit’s heart stuttered as Jen visibly shrunk in her crop top. He gently grabbed her cousin’s elbow and leaned down to whisper something in her ear. Jen paled, and nodded, her eyes glued to Kit all the while. Then the boy turns to her, his insufferable grin back in its place.
“Looks like you aren’t so lost anymore,” he said with a smile, but unlike their earlier exchange, no amusement reached his eyes.
“Keep an eye on your cousin, will you,” he told Jen, face unreadable. “Enjoy shopping.”

And he walked away as if nothing happened.
“Who was that?”

But her cousin just shook her head, took Kit’s hand and dragged her away as if afraid Stranger Danger might come back.

Author's Notes:

Hi friends! So happy the sun is finally shining in the island of Cebu. :) So Part two, right? We're here. I've oft wondered why I do this. So, why? I don't know, really. I want stories straight from the island. Everytime I stroll around National Bookstore (my happy place) all I see in the Filipiana section are...well...Precious Hearts romances, Wattpad fiction and some pretty lit literature. Why can't I find anything from Cebu? Surely we're a representative of the whole Philippine Lit, right? Am I looking in the wrong place?

The great thing about the internet is that, well, you don't need to be printed to be read. You can just put your work out there and hope that somewhere out there, someone's gonna stumble upon your work and think, hey, this is from my hometown or hey, this is cool or even hey this is awful. Also, hashtags help a lot, too. But the point is, putting out work out here is a wonderful thing.

You know what makes it wonderful? Getting feedback!

Let me know what you think!

All the love,

K x

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