October has come and gone! Can you believe it?

Gimme a second, let me process it quick.

Here's a few things that made our October awesome:

 I'm a sucker for pens and great paper, but I'm not a good drawing person. Haha, until recently, I didn't know how to properly shade or how to use a calligraphy pen but nonetheless, doodling gives me joy. It relaxes my brain. Lord knows my brain is a mess most of the time. 

Then last week we had SM throw a calligraphy fair for all enthusiasts:

This nerd thought of trolling us. He did more vandalism than actual coloring.

October also lent us some sunny days:

But those were few and far in between. Was just glad I had this snap of the Waterfront Hotel and Casino on a rare, clear day. Remember when we were younger and thought that this was some grand castle in the mountain?

Those were great times. :)

Also, cute puppies have been given by the heavens to cheer us up:

So all in all, October has been great. Here's to a great November to come our way! :)

We got our anniversary coming up (OMG two years already?)

and there's NaNoWriMo to think about, too.

How about you?

How was your October?

Let me know.

All the love,

K x

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