Hi everyone!

How's the rainy season been treating you? It's been beating me up, that's for sure. Like for real. I have since adopted the life of a hermit for fear of rain and thunder.

My seclusion from the world has gone on for a couple of weeks so Fay and I decided we both needed some cheering up and promptly headed out to the super pretty Marisse Patisserie at 32 Sanson in Lahug.

Definitely a great place to chill and hide from the world. It was comfy and pretty and the cakes were awesome. They may have increased our glucose content, but those mango and chocolate dacquoise were great. And they did cheer us up lots, so we're coming back for more food and to shoot in pretty daylight next time. Watch out for that! :)

My seclusion has left me with little to do but draw, read books and tend to deadlines and stuff. Hopefully, by the next couple of weeks, I can finally have a legit adventure and run rampant all over Cebu and the rest of the place.

Til then, here are some cakes and nice cafes!

All the love,

K x

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