We were at the Binisaya Film Festival opening this weekend!

Now like every story, there's a plus side and a not-so plus side. 

The plus side is we got to see the film Lunchbox and some cool Asian independent films during the screening that followed. 

"Let us prove to our Manila counterparts that we can be at par with them and the world" was one such theme in the opening remarks and I couldn't help to feel that spark of pride in my tiny Cebuana heart. That's pride towards our awesome film makers who sacrifice so much of their time, effort and personal funds to produce such wonderful works of art.

The not-so plus side?

Rowdy, obnoxious members of the audiences.

Now, don't get me wrong here, I am mostly the most laid-back, non-confrontational person you will ever see but let me just say: for all the quality films that we put out there, it seems like some of us haven't really grown some theater etiquette and for that I wanted to bash someone's teeth in. 

Like, literally pick a fight.

During screening, we experienced some technical problems: the screen went black. During the ensuing break to fix the glitch, these people (students, I'm assuming) kept shouting "Uy samana oi" and "Youtube nalang, Youtube" then proceeded to laugh. Loudly. And continued to joke and mock at the guys at the booths who were trying to fix things. They kept hitting our seats because they were so rowdy. Then at the lobby, whilst horse-playing, they left a trail of popcorn and trash at their wake.

Like, really. I'd have thought by now we'd have grown some manners, don't you think?

We were so annoyed, we had to switch seats.

Come on Cebu, you can do better than this.

I know we Cebuanos thrive in making light of the situation but I guess there's a line between being funny and just being annoying.

I hope that during the screenings over the next week, the crowd would be more respectful and classy.

That way I won't have to pick a fight with college kids.

How about you?

How was your week?

Tell us all about it!

All the love, 

K x

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