Get up, you lazy ass! It's time to run and be a brand new person!

Running is currently one of my greatest joys in life. Which is funny because I am truly, truly not good at it at all.

Running is hard for the kovmatch* girl. 

She is neck-deep in her sedentary lifestyle that her body can't help but feel torture every time she runs. But there's beauty in feeling my lungs burn in every lap that I attempt. 

It feels like a cleansing. 

Like my lungs are actually trying to get rid of all the second hand smoke that I inhale in the work place. Like my muscles are screaming for joy because finally, they've been put to good use.

Hi boyfriend and his pretty Tommies

One of my favorite places to run is the Cebu City Sports Complex or as we call it, Abellana. I love the vibe of Saturday mornings spent running around the oval with the rest of the citizens. All you pay for is Php 15, leave your bag at the courtesy booth or at the field itself (best to keep your valuables like cash and phone within your person) and you are good to go.

 I love how people of all ages just converge here and do sporty things-- running, sprinting, walking. It gives me hope that there's still a part of our populace who actually cares about fitness.

One of my favorite things is the feel of  the rubber under my feet. The oval in Abellana gives me a feeling of accomplishment, whether it's true or imagined. I guess you'd feel more motivated because you're running around a track, like a legit runner person.

Another great thing is the wonderful view of the mountains behind the bleachers. It feels so Cebu, so homey.

If you're lucky, you can also catch a soccer tournament between schools. You would find that grade schoolers in their jerseys trying to do a Ronaldo are the most adorable thing in the universe.

There's a lot more jogging haunts in Cebu, but so far, Abellana is one of my favorites. It gives the kovmatch girl hope that she can still fight the sedentary lifestyle with every lap.

What's your favorite jogging spot in the city?

Happy jogging,

K x

*kovmatch- Bisaya gay slang for "fat". So "Run, Fat Girl, Run"

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