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Vispop 4.0 is here, guys.
We're crying tears of joy sa kanindot.

Those radio-tweaking days of old (like, mid 2000s old) are long gone and it's because Vispop's time has finally arrived. It is more popular than ever, thanks to the wonders of the internet and the support it gets from the local crowd. 

It is original Visayan pop that is radio-friendly, beautifully crafted and mastered and best represents our culture and the language that we love so much.

Here are the entries for this year's competition. Make sure to like and share from Vispop's Facebook page right here

*All videos are from Vispop's official Facebook page. :)

Baklay by Jerika Teodorico


 This is your anthem when you want to go on a roadtrip with friends and just want to hurot the dakbayan ug laag until your wallet or slippers give up. It is light and funny and makes you want to hop on a Ceres bus and go on an adventure.

Damgo by John Cadelina and Irving Guanzon


 Trippy. My gosh who did the drum work on this piece, it's genius. Singer's voice is class; so clean. So beautifully mastered. Gosh, maikog ta. Is it me or does this actually remind us of Kings of Leon? Listen to the track on this one. Like, what even. Nagkanindot every year.

Imuha Ra Akong Kasingkasing by Sherwin Fugoso and Maria Monton


 Wa na, alams na this. This one's another Von Saw radio hit. You can't discount how great everything melds together. What do you call the tinkly sounds in the background? This track sounds exactly how first love should sound.

Paghunas by Joseph Gara


 First, the guitars. Then 'dutag tingog this girl oi, pasabta ko. Then you realize-- unsa ni, LDR? Ganahan ka muhilak kog popcorn? The poetry on this one can give that girl Lang Leav a run for her money. I want to translate it so everyone can understand just how beautiful the lyrics are. Lover, come home na.

Pep-Pep by Kenneth Corvera

Ooh upbeat and travel themed. Anyone who commutes can surely relate. What a hook! I wasn't expecting that. Wa na, LSS na ni. Love in a Ceres bus or 21B or Vhire or jeep. Hahahaha what is this bridge. This was enjoyable. Kalingaw.

Suwat ni Maria by Marie Salvaleon

Mygad. What is this?
 Feelings are as follows:
Dae. Pasabta ko. Nindotag tingog oooooi. Mygash. 

This song just raised the bar. It's like a love child of  jazz and triphop and is easily my favorite. Probably the first of it's kind. In the words of our gay friends, pap-ha americano ang mainstream kids with this one. And then it gets better.

The judges must have a hard time picking the winner. This year's crop is crazy good.
Congrats, in advance, Vispop!

Looking forward to the finals night this June 18th at SM Seaside City Centerstage.
Don't miss it! Continue to support our local music scene!

Buy your tickets here .

Love local,

K x

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