The Election Stories

My index finger looks like it got hit by a hammer. Or a victim of a severe fungal infection. Or a dried calamay stain. Either way it looks awful. Small sacrifices, I guess. The things one does for the love of country.

Its been two whole weeks since I braved that hot morning, filled up my ballot and fed it into the machine. Rather than be annoyed of the heat or of the crowd, I felt….giddy. Excited. Did you feel it too? My hands shook when I shaded the little circles. They shook when I fed the ballot into the VCM. They shook when the teachers put ink onto my nail beds and made my finger look like it permanently had boogers.

This is it. Time to do my part. 

I voted because maybe this time, we actually have a fighting chance to pick ourselves up and further ourselves as a nation. Maybe the time has finally come for us Filipinos to be the change.

This election showed a lot more turn out in voters in recent memory. I think this is the first time where social media made such a big impact in the elections ,too.  Change is indeed coming. Not from a single candidate, but from us.

Slowly but surely, we are getting there. That is my dearest hope.

This election has been...incendiary at best. With a mayor-president leading us, I'm wondering where we'd end up six years from now. I hope it is somewhere better, somewhere we've never been to before.

So here's the story, morning glory:

This election was a story of hope---hot burning hope. 

And I'm praying that we'll keep on stoking that fire.

Mabuhay, Pilipinas. :)


K x

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