What if we all just wrote.
What if we just got rid of everything and just wrote
What if we wrote the stories in our heads
the ones we think up on jeep rides
and days stuck in traffic
in the ferry
in line for the ATM
picking up fruit in the market
what if we just did it and didnt mind
if grammar was right
if i spelled it right
if oh gosh will anybody ever read this
what if we just all wrote what we thought
and wrote what we felt
and saw and heard and smell and remember
what if pen and paper were extensions of your mind and heart
well, they are aren't they?
haven't they always been?
so what's stopping you
from writing?
doesnt matter if you don't get to be a bestseller
some kids cant write but they are on the list
how much more if you do
can you think of all the worlds you'll create
can you think of all the quotes you'll come up with
and if you're lucky can you imagine the queue of people
waiting in line
just to have their books signed
with your name
the same name you practiced signing onto the back of the bookstore receipt when you were lining up for some other author--some other time ago?
and can you imagine the doors you'll open up
doors that didn't exist
doors full of other worlds and other places
can you imagine?
wouldn't that be awesome?
if we all just wrote?

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