Hey there! I'm Krisha and I'm from the island! I am a registered nurse, content writer, former badass customer service representative, real-estate agent, big sister, bookstore owner, pizza fiend, pet mother and one-time lover of Harry Styles.

I'm a regular contributor for Cebu's premier online magazine, zerothreetwo and a bunch of other places.

KFTI is my alter-ego when I need to run away from the ~real world~


I've had a long time to figure out what this blog is about and I finally have the answer:

This blog is all about growing up with Cebu.

Here you'll find 

my mediocre attempts at photography

chronicles about being a Cebuana millennial, which also includes shady advice on life, love and #adulting

secret food places you have to seek out

AND! misadventures in traveling in and out of the island

It's a lifestyle blog for

island girls

underdog girls

creative girls

creative underdog island girls

girls struggling with growing up

titas who don't want to be titas

girls who can't travel

girls who've traveled to some places

girls who've traveled to some places but still want to travel some more when they have the budget

girls who take the 04L

girls who take the v-hire

girls who take the ferry boat

girls who are in love

girls who are in love with puppies

girls who don't want to be in love, puppies or otherwise

Well, you get the picture. :)

It's a little piece of what I enjoy most; a slice of home in the big, wide internets. I've been blogging for the past couple of years, and KFTI has gained me many friends, experiences and insights (that are sometimes weird and unreliable) (lol). So, I hope we get to be friends!

I hope you enjoy your stay here!

 If you want to connect, collaborate, sponsor or advertise, don't hesitate to message me over at kristiana.rule@gmail.com

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K x