Postcards From Home: Los Angeles, California

My name is Iara. I am currently in LA. I work in retail.

One of the memories that comes to my mind was that one Christmas when I used my Christmas money to put gas into our multicab so we (my whole family) can drive around the island. 

Home is where I also met my husband, Scott, so I have soooo many memories of us there. 

I wasn't able to go home for a while after moving to the US. So there were A LOT (people, things, food, places) that I miss, but the moment I came back was when I realized that the feeling of being home is what I actually missed. I hope that makes sense.

The scariest thing about leaving home is accepting the fact that everything and everyone goes on and I am not part of it anymore (physically).  

To know that when I come back, people and things/places won't be the same and I can't hold it against them, because everything changes. Even I changed.

Trying to navigate around those changes are definitely hard and I wouldn't say I have overcome it. All I can do is accept it and try to make the best of it.

Leaving your home is the literal act of stepping out of your comfort zone. 

It is exciting and there are definitely great things that come with it, but since you're asking for the hard and tough times, let's start with the obvious: homesickness. 

Being homesick for a person or place and knowing that you can't do anything about it is heartbreaking. *tears roll down on one eye* HA! 

Finding your place in this new world and how to make it your new home is also tough. 

On the flipside, one of my fave things about my new home is having hot and cold water for shower or bath.  Haha!

Right now, my husband and I plan to live here for good. 

Parting words?

Find things that make you happy. Also, making friends and making yourself part of a community makes adjusting to a place easier.

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