Postcards From Home: Dublin, Ireland

My name is Fayette. Actually, it's Ma. Stephanie Katrina Nacua but yeah, Fayette. :) I'm currently a psychiatric nurse in Highfield Healthcare Ireland. I love Dublin but nothing will ever compare to Cebu. :)

My home is my FAMILY. 

There is no other greater driving force in my life than them. The best asset that I have so far is also them. No money or prestige could ever amount to familial love.

I am very lucky to have such supportive family members. I take no pride in money or success but in family’s love and closeness. All experiences with them are my best home memories so far. :)

I miss hugging and talking to my family.

I love the fact that we can talk for hours without even knowing and mostly I am in awe of how amazing my nephews and nieces are growing up with our guidance. I thank the Lord for that.

Another thing to miss are my beautiful friends. I don't have a lot but I know I have true ones. We don't get to see each other a lot but when we do, there's no gap felt. I miss learning about life and embracing adulting together. Life in Cebu is heartwarming.

Honestly, cooking and traveling is challenging for me.

Face it, I don't get both. I've lived all my life being told that food is already ready when I wake up thus I found no need to learn cooking and going to work and school were only one car ride away with my dad.

I'm not spoiled but I was well loved so don't get me wrong. I don't get what I want always but I was well taken care of so it may seem petty but those are my struggles.

I overcame my struggles through prayers and God-given strength alongside the help of friends here.

I needed to go solo so I set my mind in surviving but I know I was never left alone. I wanna thank Mr and Mrs. Claudius and Trishna Rama for adopting me as their own teenage daughter. Hahaha. Meant a lot. Really.

The sights, the scenery, the cold and the new culture is overwhelming but when you're such a private person, you couldn't even share the glam of it all through social media.

 You keep to yourself everything--- even the not so good sides.

You tell some your closests and they know how you struggled. Budgeting is difficult and trying not to spend is harder when you need also to go out when you're on your rest day to unwind (thrifty person here) and homesickness is inevitable. I'm glad I'm in the city now. Seeing a few more people walking alongside you makes you less alone psychologically.

I'm lucky to have good people around me. 

Supportive people who see potential in me yet knows my limitations in cooking and directions without condemnation. :) hahaha.

I have my long-term goal of moving to my dream country later on and settling will always be for my Philippines. Work hard outside and relax harder in Cebu! Haha.

Here are my parting words to people who want to embark on the same journey:

Trust in God’s plans. It's hard and I don't sugar coat but it will be better when you find the right people to journey with you. Feet on the ground always. Don't post too much, make success your subtle noise. :)

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