What Exactly Do Content Writers Do? Do Creatives Actually Make Money? Answers To Your Tita's Burning FAQs

Here's the funny thing about working in the creative or digital marketing field: most people don't have a clear idea about what you actually do.

Take this common scenario for example:

Tita: So what do you do again?

Me: I'm a content writer, tita. I'm in charge of writing blog posts, website content, email copy, and other digital marketing assets for various brands



*tita.exe has stopped working*

Me: Um kuan tita online-online akong work

Tita: Ah, that's great diay. When man ka mag-nurse balik?

And that's just one scenario. Other times, people don't see working in a digital or creative field as a stable career or lifestyle choice--- even more so if you're working remotely.

Most folks are stumped to see us at home, wearing faded house shirts and claiming to be working. They don't think that social media management, graphic design, virtual assistance or content writing are real jobs. I'm not sure if it's funny or frustrating...or both.

 So, since a lot of people outside the creative field have tons of burning questions, I've decided to create this FAQ to help them understand the industry better!

Ladies and gentlemen, titos and titas, here are the answers to your Frequently Asked Questions:

What's a digital creative? Is that like an online job?

It's pretty hard to put a finger on what a digital creative is, but I'm gonna try anyway.

Try searching something on Google or logging onto your favorite social media channel.

Someone wrote the code to make that website come to life. Somebody took photographs and created the graphics you find on those online shops and catalogs. Somewhere out there, a writer is researching and using all their brain cells to put that tutorial together.

To put it simply, a digital creative is someone who uses digital mediums to bring all these types of content to life. They could be content writers, programmers, web developers, search engine optimization specialists, photographers, graphic designers, support rockstars and more!

All these people work hard with businesses, brands, and organizations to put content OUT THERE, to you.

And since this entire industry relies heavily on the internet, I guess it's pretty safe to call it an online job.

So, what is a content writer and what do you actually do?

Okay, let's go back to searching something on Google.

Did you find an article that answers your question? Did you read something entertaining, informative or intriguing?


A content writer put that information together just for you. What, did you think robots write these things? LOL, not really.

See, most of the things that you find on the internet--- from blog posts, articles, product descriptions, scripts of your favorite Youtube channel, to the text of your favorite meme--- was most likely written by a person called a content writer.

This is what I do for a living. I currently work full-time for an e-commerce conglomerate based in San Diego and I write blog posts and articles for our outdoor, lifestyle, and health niche sites.

Aside from writing content like review posts and long-form articles, I'm also responsible for writing email copy (those email newsletters you get? yeah, someone wrote them, too!), scripts and other advertising copy.

I also help produce videos and shoots if the situation calls for it.

On the side, I do freelance work for some local and international clients.

On weekends, I fancy myself as a video creator and film videos about books, reading and the trials and tribulations about being a book nerd. You can watch that here.

Do you have time for fun?

If watching BTS videos count, then yes, I have a lot of time for fun. Out of town vacations have been few and far  between this year, but we're doing fine. I can bawi next year, I guess.

How do you guys make money?

Pretty much just like how a lot of people do: we put in the work and get cold hard cash in return. :)

Since I work full time, I get paid monthly. Then again, I put the 'flow' in cash flow by taking in extra client work on the weekends.

Freelancers can get paid per project or per hour, depending on the type of service they offer. And if you're wondering, most freelancers and full-time digital creatives get paid through bank transfers or through services like Paypal.

If that's the case, why don't you guys go to the office like a "normal person"?

The great thing about working in the digital creative field is that you're not bound by geography. You can work and get things done anywhere--- as long as you've got a stable internet connection. This is why digital nomads can afford to travel wherever they want and still work.

Working remotely has a lot of benefits. One of them is that you don't have to suffer insane traffic and stressful traveling times. The downside is that it can get pretty lonely if you're not used to working by yourself.

Thus, I think the best setup is having a spot in a coworking space, where you can have the best of both worlds.

What the hell are coworking spaces?!

These are basically spaces that provide everything a digital creative needs: comfy chairs, fast internet, a working pantry, and indoor plumbing. That's basically it. Think of it as an office shared by lots of people who work from their laptops, albeit more laid back and comfortable. If you still need a clue, check out A-Space and The Company Cebu.

Is it a stable job?

Why yes, yes it is.

Many people get this impression that digital creatives don't have a stable job because they don't punch in and out of a regular office.

That is not the case...at least for folks who hustle.

Like all traditional jobs out there, working in the digital field is also about taking care of one's employers and clients and putting in quality work.

Is it a relevant job? Will it make you successful?

LOL, relevance and success mean a lot of things to many different people.

For most of our generation's parents, a relevant job meant going on a 9-5, flying abroad having a title or wearing a uniform. Success is measured by how big your house is, how many fancy cars you have...that kind of thing.

I know a lot of parents are dead-ass scared of their kids not having a future ahead of them and that's okay. Based on their traditional standard of success and social relevance, working in the digital or creative space is something close to being a disgrace to the family. :)

But times are a-changing. Traditional jobs are great, but you gotta hand it to the internet for bridging gaps and opening borders.

Thanks to the internet and technology, it's now possible to build a career or business from the comfort of your home (or wherever you've got a connection). People don't have to put on business suits if they don't want to. We can close deals whilst wearing worn-out pajamas. And perhaps, best of all, we don't have to be apart from our family just to put food on the table.

Now to answer your question: is this a relevant job? Yes, I think it is. We're helping brands and businesses thrive. We're helping folks get their message out there into the world and build their presence from the ground up. I think that's good. What's even better is that I'm learning useful skills in the process, too.

Will this job make one successful?

That entirely depends on the person. If they hustle, do the legwork and take care of their clients, chances are they will.

Final Chika

I hope this FAQ was helpful to you...and to your titas who keep asking about what you do.

And to your neighbors who speculate about the state of your "cyber-cyber" "online-online" employment. :)

If I missed anything, don't hesitate to drop a comment below!

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