Long title? Yeah. I figured.

A couple of years ago, I and my friends headed over to Ilocos for a bit of adventuring.

It was the height of the "leave your day job and travel" fever, see, and everyone was booking piso fares left and right. The traveling burned through our meager bank accounts and made us want to leave our jobs in favor of a nomadic, Instagram-worthy existence, but nonetheless, it filled our souls with wonder...and our tummies, food that we will never otherwise taste.

I posted our Kapurpurawan adventure here, but I always thought it was such a packed day that I didn't give it the attention it deserved.

The rock formation was so wonderful that it deserves more than one post in this little blog of mine. So...

Welcome to Kapurpurawan Rock Formation :)

Here's the first word that comes to mind when you get there:


It's like you've been spirited away by di ingun ato and you're in the midst of all this wonderful landscape and you can't believe how it's possible. Well, except for the fact that you had to pay Php15 to go see the formation. :) A small environmental fee, really, compared to the experience.

The friends and I have been screaming non-stop on the van en route to the site. The moment we saw the windmills in the distance, we started screaming.

Then we jumped off the van, action-star style (lol not! we're not coordinated enough for that) and trekked. It was a bit of a walk, but you really wouldn't mind. You'll be too busy picking your jaw off the floor.

The horses, at Php50 each way, were too expensive and quite unnecessary, too.

Ilocano legend Lam-ang was also there to join the fun, by the way:

In the photo above, he's battling a crocodile with his bare hands. You wouldn't want to mess with him.

And then all around you, it's just the untamed landscape of the province and the roiling West Philippine Sea.

Sooooo beautiful.

We looked so tiny next to the towering windmills. The excitement just thickens as you make your way down the path.

And then, there it was:

The rock formation, named after the Ilocano word "Puraw", is a marvel of nature. Water and wind helped shape the rock into what it is today. 

Mother Nature, you're a certified BAMF.

It was about a 15-minute walk, tops. You can, of course, take photos by the rock, but I look fugly, so none of that made its way here. :)

You are not allowed to deface or vandalize on the rocks. I mean, what kind of sick sociopath would dare to damage this beauty? Eating is not allowed as well, so make sure you have a full tummy before venturing out.

Ah, Ilocos, you were full of wonder.

Did you miss your carefree vacation days, like I did? Travel has been scarce for me this 2017, as it was full of adulting, adjusting and the like but who knows? Maybe this coming year, we'll finally go places again.

That's it for now.


K x

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