#KFTI's ADULTING CHALLENGE: 5 Perfect Responses to "Kanus-a Man Ka Mag-minyo, Day?"

What's the perfect response to the nosy older tita (or, a supertita, as we like to call them) who keeps asking

Kanus-a man ka mag-minyo day?

aside from a slap on the face and a possible blotter at the barangay?

Well, fellow tita, we discovered a variety of answers that are not only socially acceptable but are also pairable with a drink that has a little umbrella on it and a *kind of sarcastic* smile.

Here's how to respond the next time you get asked why you aren't married yet:

"Sorry, but I'm still building my empire"

 Other girls might have embraced motherhood and wifehood and that's great. But I personally have a couple of things on my list that I just need to be done. Like my future empire. I'm just starting and I'd hate to stop now.

People in your generation may have married when they were barely of age, but that's just not how we roll these days, supertita.

For one, I don't want to go headlong into marriage without being financially independent. I certainly don't want to rely on my future husband's paycheck, that's for sure. When I finally settle down, it will be on my own terms, with my own sense of accomplishment.

Love can make the world go round, I know. I want that and a sleek little Datsun that I can drive to my future children's soccer practices as well. Preferably with a steady cash flow from my passive incomes and businesses. So, just chill and let me build said empire from the ground up. Brick by freaking brick.

"A guy is a good accessory to my whole look, but I just haven't found The One yet"

There's no shame in admitting this to your supertita. I mean, if the perfect guy hasn't come around yet, why should you feel pressured to get married? It's not something you should do just for the sake of it, and not especially for peer pressure! You'll find love when the time is right. The supertita should be able to know and respect that. And get her hands away from a Tinder app while at it. She might take matters into her own hands!

"Children are not in my five-year plan so far. I like dogs, though."

Children are cute and adorbs. But I just can't imagine myself taking care of another human being right now, not when half the time, I feel like a kid myself. 

Also, I can't afford one.

I'll get married and have a kid when I can afford to send my child to Ateneo de Cebu.

"We're in love but we're still pursuing our personal goals and dreams."

What's the rush, tita?

I think it's important to give each other space. I don't think that a guy loves you less if he wants to grow professionally. I don't think it's very romantic for a girl to demand that the guy should forego his own dreams just so you could all live happily ever after.

If you and your significant other are in a stable relationship but are off pursuing other things that might get in the way of marriage, what's the rush?

But Krish, don't you believe in that When Harry Met Sally line where Harry says if you found someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible?

I guess that's true. But you're not less in love if you don't marry right away, are you? For me it just means you've got other priorities right now. If you're confident in your relationship and you've mutually agreed not to settle down yet, what's the rush?

"Why, are you paying for my Jason Magbanua destination wedding in some secluded Palawan island? Yeah, didn't think so."

My dream wedding involves said details, supertita. Are you going to pay for them? I also want sparklers, fireworks and labrador puppies. Unless you're helping me fund it then you can go MYOB, thanks.

To end this, let me just say

Everyone's got their own story arc, tita.

There's a time and place for everything under the sun. If the time for marriage comes, it will. It's not even a requirement for a happy and fulfilled life.

And older titas, I can't say this enough.

Mind your own business.


All the love,

K x

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