Ayala, 2015.

Sometimes it scares me how fast Cebu is growing. Where there was an empty plot of land now stood a new condo, or a mall. It's scary because it means the city is changing, and it makes me wonder if I have, too. Did I grow with the city? Or have I been left behind? It makes me wonder sometimes. If Cebu keeps changing, will my love for it change too? Will the traffic drive me insane? Will it become like Manila? Will I grow to resent it? Will the sky be invisible over time, will it be overrun by buildings instead? Just a few legit questions.

I love Cebu. It's home. I've been to quite a few places, but nothing quite compares. I think, coming to think of it now, that I'll love it regardless of what it becomes. And from here, it looks like the future is pretty bright for the Queen City.

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