"There's a sleeping dino in Mati!"

This better not be some scary Komodo dragons and some such shenanigans, I thought, for I was an ignorant fool.

Say hello to The Sleeping Dino!

After our adventure in the highlands, we bolt straight to the other end to Davao Oriental. It's quite a long and winding journey through towns and rivers and mountains to get to Mati, where we would spend the night and the next day exploring Dahican Beach.

It's not a trip for the light of stomach and constitution.

Nearing the city, we stopped by this beautiful land formation fondly called the Sleeping Dino. It took all the stress of travel away.

The scenery reminds us of our very own Barili in the south, but much wilder and bigger and not quite tamed--- but nonetheless beautiful. Plus, no crazy resorts building crazy walls to distract us from the view.

The late afternoon sun dipped low in the mountains behind us, basking the bay in a perfect glow. Far off into the horizon, the sea stretches for ages.

 It was one of my favorite parts of the trip.

There's so much raw and rugged beauty in Mindanao. It's surreal.

Hey, no dating allowed, guys.


Don't forget to stop by the Sleeping Dino and say hi when you're around Mati.


K x

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