We begin our long- awaited Davao adventure at 3,980 feet above sea level. 

Welcome to Camp Sabros! 

While making an itinerary for Davao, we made sure to cross out all the "touristy" things as much as possible and go do the "cool, off the beaten path" approach. So naturally, we wanted to see Mt Apo, the country's highest peak, up close and personal.

This did not bid well for us. We are fat and lacked physical stamina so we went for the better alternative: Camp Sabros, an adventure camp with an awesome view of Apo. It was still a mix of touristy, whilst still kind of off the beaten it was a good plan.

This wonderful adventure resort sits in the mountain areas of Kapatagan in Digos, right across the looming Mr Apo. Can you see it from our van window? Awesome sauce, right?

It's about 1.5-2 hours away from the city. 

For this trip, we contracted a whole van to ourselves for Php 3500/day. There's 11 of us to split, so that was cool. Plus kuya Jojo, our driver, was a funny guy. He named our gang #TeamBeash

After winding through the mountain pass, we finally arrive at the foot of the camp! The air was beautifully crisp even under the sun. It was amazing. Ah. I can imagine myself breathing it in and cleaning my lungs of the smog. 

Wish I could bottle it up and take some of it home, along with these fresh veggies.

Now, getting to the actual camp is another matter altogether. You can either walk the remaining 750 meters, or go on horseback like so:

Php 50 for a thrilling ride atop a slightly anti-social, preggo horse in exchange for breath-taking views and a really funny story to tell your grand kids someday? Sounds like a good deal, right? :)

Here is a sample convo between me and my horseback-riding-in-tandem partner, Anthony.

Me: OMG this view is awesome. Mindanao is beautiful
Tony: Wait, we're in Mindanao?

Try not falling off your horse after that. (Peace, Tony!)

Finally, we arrive! For just a minimal fee of Php 25, you can enter the Camp and stay all day and try their super awesome zipline. Check out their website for the rates.

The hilly area is lined with pine trees that gently sway in the crisp wind. Beautiful cottages are also available for those who want the full overnight experience. It looks like we're somewhere in the Swiss Alps instead of Digos. All we need is snow, and Maria von Trapp and we could stage A Sound of Music right here, honestly.

Here is my favorite part--- the view deck, with the majestic Mt Apo in all it's glory. We even saw a large bird of prey (could it be an eagle?) glide by. Beautiful.

If you're not into extreme activities like zipline, nothing is stopping you from just lying back and enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

Or, you can strap a bluetooth speaker on your person and play disco hits like our friend Brad did. LOL.

There's food to be had in the camp cafeteria, although, understandably, the prices are quite...pricey. You can bring your own food though, without additional corkage.

There are functional restrooms. 

And, cute cabins. 

And a vantage point you can't ever find anywhere else.

Show yourself, Mr Apo!

A vantage point you'll remember for a very long time indeed.

A rare sighting of a Pokemon in Camp Sabros

Too soon, it was time to go.

With heavy hearts and grim determination, we set out to the foot of the camp on foot and say goodbye to this beautiful piece of paradise in Davao del Sur.

Coming here was kind of tough, but leaving was a bit harder.

Until next time, Camp Sabros.

For now, Mati awaits!

Stay tuned for the next episode in our Davao Adventures!


K x

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