Meet one of my favorite original island girls.

This is Eva. We like to call her Mama Ebing most days.

She's the OG of all the island girls I've known.

 She's badass as fudge. My favorite thing about Ma Ebing is that she is a very good story teller. When she is not tending to her chicken and various other poultry, she likes to sit and talk about her exploits. She knows everything about everyone who's originally from Mactan. Heck, she even claims she descended from Lapu-Lapu himself.

"Tan-awa iyang nawong, tan-awa," she would say, gesticulating wildly, "Di ba, pariha man gyud kaayo mi ug nawong?"

She tells me she jumped out of the window of her high school to skip class. 

She knows all the names of the trees that once lined our neighborhood.

She likes to tell the story of how one of her cousins caught a magical bird on top of the duldol tree...and suffered the ugly consequences.

She makes her sound her life like such an adventure...as it should. :)

Here's to island girls and their wonderful stories. :)

All the love, 

K x

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