I always love going on fun shoots, because, well, they're fun!

It was one of those bipolar days--- it was scorching hot at one point and then an hour later, it started pouring. But what's wonderful is that the light is still beautiful because of the clouds that diffused it, and Sam, our wonderful model wasn't to be fazed by some thunderstorm, so we were all good.

What I love about going on shoots like this is that it has to be deliberate.

Growing up shooting street, it was second-nature to observe people and shoot them while in action. Portraits-- not so much. You actually have to give out instructions, to guide the model to achieve the shot you want. Sounds easy, but not really when you're in the thick of it. Street photography and a fashion spread are almost at both ends of the spectrum--- it's always a challenge at the beginning but with constant practice, patience and the right jokes about James Reid's abs, one can pull it off. :)

What do you think of this set?

Here's to more beautiful portraits in the future! :)

All the love,

K x

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