We love comfort food on a rainy day. What makes it better? Comfort food on a rainy day in a secret cafe. 

Welcome to Camden. :)

One would find it a challenge to actually find Camden. We circled the same block twice, trying to find some semblance of a usual cafe front.

They said it was here somewhere, between Chong Hua and Hotel Adelfa, I told boyfriend as we walked back the way we came. As usual, trying to find our way within Capitol area's back alleys in search for secret haunts and relatively hidden cafes.

We tried our luck in a cul de sac right between the hospital and the hotel.

Are you sure about this? It looks like a shady place, I said, which boyfriend shrugged off. 

But there it was.

It really didn't seem much outside. The building was in repairs. It looked like the entrance to The Leaky Cauldron, almost invisible to the eye. We debated if it was open. The other patrons had to open the door for us when they saw us leaning around the window.

Inside though:

Fresh sight and Troye Sivan greet you. The crumbly building outside was a facade to the stylish,  thought-out interiors. If anything, the contrast between the two worked like a charm.

We wasted no time.

Camden is an all-day breakfast cafe.

So since someone is trying in vain to diet, she got Banana Pancakes. The other was five-foot-eight and hungry so he got Bacon and Benedict.

It actually takes a bit for the order to come since there's only one guy working the kitchen. One can take time to observe the shadowy tables near the back or the long table in the center of the little cafe.

Can't take a decent photo though, they'd think we're snooping. The cafe was actually full when we went, and it wasn't even 8 in the morning.

 Between you and me I think the food is worth the wait:

Hmm, smell that banana. And that's a stack of three fluffy, filling pancakes sprinkled in confectioner's sugar. You'd hardly need the maple syrup. Yum.

Their eggs ben meal is huge with all these taters:

We love how they seasoned their potatoes. You can smell how good it tastes like. The actual eggs ben is quite good too. The hungry male companion approves of the bacon.

Other dishes friends suggested were Pembroke's Dish for those who love mushroom and The Spaniard for those who don't mind a spicy bite.

When they're not serving great breakfast, they run a bar on the second level. We've yet to see what they've got to offer there.

It took a while to finish, because the serving is big. The place may be small, but it is charming and full of good food that's also easy on the eyes.

I want to try the Monterey next time, said boyfriend.

There's definitely a next time. :)

Camden Cafe is located at

Unit 3 Rosal Apartments, J Llorente St., Capitol Site, Cebu

Literally between Chong Hua and Hotel Adelfa.

See if you can find it.

All the love, 

K x

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