It's been a bit since we went to a place that we truly enjoyed, so I thought we could all use some nice and cozy. :)

Welcome to Yolk Coffee and Breakfast!

Yolk is an all-day breakfast joint in Mabolo. It's tucked away in a little side-street near F. Cabahug St., but its obscure location doesn't seem to faze it's regular patrons.

I mean, who doesn't love breakfast all day, right?

Also, this place is sooo cooozy.

Settling in, we found this little nook called a Book Exchange Corner where you can literally take any book that you like and replace it with another one. 

Wouldn't we like Cliffhanger Cebu to have the same cool thing going on. Plus points for this corner!

As you may have noticed- Yolk is all about all things yolky.


My sister Karla--lover and devourer of eggs-- may have just gone to her personal egg heaven and back.

Who knew a menu can be made from eggs alone? 
We didn't believe it until we saw it.

So we got a Bacon and Mushroom Dream:

...whose mushrooms are a winner, by the way. It's got two steamed eggs and bacon in it, mixed in with some spicy pepper to give it that unexpected kick. I learned it's also a very effective way of making your younger sisters eat their greens. The salad- sweet and tangy. Four and a half stars for flavor right here.

Then I got  an open faced tuna salad sandwich:

...which doesn't look filling at first, but whoa there, it actually was. Love the crunch on the toast and the touch of corn and the crunch of lettuce. Ugh. This is what Gordon Ramsey meant "elevating" food, I think. :)

Then, some Eggs Benny Bacon for the boys:

...which is our first time to see some Eggs Ben in real life. Who thought eggs could be so mouthwateringly yummy? I always thought they were only for rushed breakfasts and pang suwa sa instant pancit. 

Fancy, right?

It's a great place to hang out with friends over good meals. They give good latte, too. :)

Here's to great, yolky meals in nice cozy places.

Yolk is at 80 Tres Borces St., Mabolo Cebu City
Hit them up at (032) 231-0411

Enjoy your summer in the city!


K x

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