Okay, so.

We turn a year today!

Like this very moment, today!


I've always wanted to start a blog. Big surprise there, right?
I'm the weird one who keeps ogling at other blogs and pages and websites, like how a kid would outside a sweet shop. All I keep thinking was Wouldn't it be cool to have a space in the internet all to your own, just like how these people do? 

I wanted to write important shit and random shit and get recognized for it. But what did I want to write about? My personal life is not interesting enough, I have medical restrictions to at least one food group, I don't look good in clothes...so...? What then?

 I ended up initially writing about Cebu instead and how awesome it was to live here in the island where amazing friends and good food and white sand can be found. It's the one place I know by heart, so I thought it was a good place to start.

I tried to brainstorm it over, scribbling endlessly, trying different templates and tried with all my best to stay consistent with content. This was when I was still in Tumblr. But alas, I found it hard not to reblog a funny One Direction GIF, so I knew a change was in order. :) 

I tried Wordpress for a bit but instead of my blog looking like this:

it always ended up looking like this instead:

Of course it was a user issue! It's not you, Wordpress, it's me! Or my lame internet connection at that time! I know a lot of wonderful Wordpress blogs. I just can't seem to figure it out yet. :)

Then about a year ago, I had to undergo oral surgery to remove a molar and a pre-molar. The surgery was kind of serious and bloody and traumatic so I ended up getting stitches (yes, stitches. In my gums. EW!). I stayed at home for a couple of days.

So what's a girl to do with the internet, aside from looking at cat videos all night?

Girl makes a blog. And I've never looked back since.

Until now. 


Seriously, looking back, I never thought I'd have so much fun in coming up with content for people in the island and beyond. It has been such a wonderful first year for me, and I can't thank God enough. The first few weeks prior to launching this thing, I spent so  much time picking a theme and tweaking it. I can't believe how picky I am with layout! Then I spent all night trying to make the perfect banner (took me 7 attempts but I'm not complaining). 

But the hardest and most enjoyable part, really, is coming up with stories and places to write about. It was amazing to discover a world right outside my window. It was nice to see places and faces and hear stories and just be young and alive. :) Because of this blog, I was able to reach out to people, try new experiences, ate some food that made my tummy weird and went to places I never thought I'd have the motivation to go to. I even made new friends along the way! Whenever people in the office compliment a post, or when I get a message from a random stranger, or get to bring old classmates together because of a post about our old high school, I feel happy about it. :) It's validation in its sincerest form.

Sometimes I also just write rambly love stuff and some of you seem to still like it, so maybe I'll keep that one up, too. Haha!

  I couldn't even believe it's already been a year since I  started this thing. It makes me so happy that there are people out there (who aren't my relatives) who appreciate what I do. :)

Okay, this is getting long.

A huge thank you to everyone who made this year amazing! :)

Here's to more good stuff and blessings coming our way! 

Thank you! :)

Love always, 

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