It's that time of the year again! IronMan 70.3 2015 comes to Cebu in a flurry of  acclaimed athletes, impressive bikes, and lots of determination. Here are some sights and sounds from the bike leg of the triathlon.

We literally live just across the street from the race route, so off we go with other early morning sightseers  to cheer for the athletes.

Local islanders, young and old turn up to catch the spectacle. These athletes have trained for months on end for this day.

IronMan 70.3 consists of  1.2 miles of swimming, 56 miles of biking, and 13.1 miles of running. That's a lot of miles! The swim itself would be exhausting. I'd have probably drowned halfway. I don't even wanna think about the rest of the distance. This race is definitely not for the weak of heart.

Some are on the lookout for local celebrities like Papa Piolo Pascual, Matteo Guidicelli and Kuya Kim Atienza. 

Even our pets didn't wanna miss the event.

And then, the crowd comes alive. Here come the racers! Go go go! :)

Women represent:

Oh you know, just a leisurely 90 km bike ride, is all. 

Wait, who's this good looking sweaty male in the far distance?

Oh, okay. Hi there, Matteo.

The bikers speed by while passing motorists stop to watch.

Meanwhile, the children have found other ways of entertaining themselves while the adults are busy cheering and looking for a Piolo sighting.

And of course, photographers with them big guns are present to cover the event.

Oh, were you waiting for me to post a photo of Papa P? No, he just sped by while we were walking up the bridge. We cheered for him, though. :) See? Enthusiasm right there.

Australian Tim Reed topped the race in a mere three hours, 46 minutes and 3 seconds. We were just making our way down the bridge when we saw them come back all the way from SRP. Their lungs  must be made of different stuff altogether.

Congratulations to all the participants of this year's Cobra IronMan 70.3! Next year, Cebu is slated to host the Asia-Pacific IronMan 70.3 championships. What an honor!

See you all again next year! :)

PS here's me trying to look like a "blogger" and miserably failing:

Ha! Ok, later for now! :)

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