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The warm summer air not only reminds me of trips to beach and boat rides. Most of the time, summer also reminds me of the comfort of getting lost in a book, or looking through cute, random trinkets at thrift stores.

Lucky for me, my cousin Carol has made the almost-impossible by bringing us both things at once with her whimsical collection of trinkets inspired by books, lovingly made out of polymer clay. :)

Polymer clay is a material mostly used in making arts and crafts items. Basically, the artist uses the clay to sculpt and mold designs and then bakes it (yes, bake, as in an actual oven. Don't use same oven to make your toast though) to achieve that cute and shiny but durable look that we all love. Check out Carol's works:

Harry Potter!
Pizza charms to share with your pizza monster friends!
Choose your favorite!
An assortment of cute stuff! Wait, is that Shaun the Sheep?
Aside from making all book-inspired cute stuff, Carol, who is now based in Dubai,  also runs a online pre-loved books shop with the help of her sister, Joy. Check out Mint Tales and see if you can find your one true summer book romance. They have a wonderful collection of classics and new YA releases as well. 

I can't wait for a new collection from Car. I'd love a Khaleesi inspired trinket to match with GOT's new season. I swear, badass dragons are better if they're handmade. How about you? Fancy a little Tyrion hanging from your phone? Now, that's one thing I'd love to see. :)

Til next time! :)

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