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The Terraces at Ayala.

For as long as I can remember, international acts have always limited their itinerary to Manila, which is expected because dear old Ubec doesn't have a venue that could match that of MOA or Araneta. March 2015 alone saw multiple British acts (dubbed as the British Invasion) like The Vamps, The 1975 and Ed Sheeran visit the capital, leaving the rest of us crying in front of our laptops wishing we had money for plane tickets, concert seats and merch. 
So, what's an island girl to do? Hope and pray that a stadium/arena be built in the nearest future. Our sights are set on SM's Seaside City, which promises a world class venue for such acts. I hope it gets built before One Direction break up though. ;)

Hurry, SM, hurry!!!


Photo from the Huffington Post

I mean, it doesn't have to be like the Clementinum in Prague, right? Bibliophiles have simple needs: a clean, brightly lit area with nice comfy chairs, (possibly cute) library people manning the helm, and books. Loads and loads of books! Stories! Culture! That kind of good stuff. I wouldn't mind a vending machine with hot Milo either. At present, the only legit library in the city is the Cebu City Public library (aka Rizal Memorial Library and Museum) which has also suffered its own pains over the years. See this post about its long and kinda sad history here. It kind of makes you wanna think we need it to be better taken cared of, right?


Exactly what happens when all lots in Ayala and IT Park get filled? Sure, there's definitely a decrease in lovers PDA-ing out in the open, and that's more than okay...but what of joggers, zumba dance groups, and parkour practices? Where would the skaters and fitness junkies go? What will happen to Saturday picnics and open fairs? Cebu's open spaces are slowly dwindling, and that's not a good thing. I mean real estate is cool and it definitely helps the economy, but the thought of living in a city full of skyscrapers and NO open space is kind of scary and suffocating. Even New York has the Central Park, which compensates for their lack of backyards. Sometimes you just wish urban planning was a real thing in the Philippines, yes?


They say a walkable city is a safe city. Too bad we can't say the same for Cebu, especially when we're playing patintero with vehicles most of the time. In some places in the city, sidewalks are even non-existent (hello, Tesda area across IT Park. hello, USC-TC). Love your pedestrians, Ubec.


Biking is becoming even more popular in the city! Which is good right? Biking makes people more health conscious and it also lessens pollution. Should be a win-win situation, shouldn't it? Sadly, bike lanes are as unpopular as they've ever been here in the Queen City. What do we have to do to have bike lanes in the city?

These are just five things I think Cebu definitely needs pronto. What do you think? What else does Cebu need to be a better city? Be my friend and let me know. :)

Til next time! :)

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