Valentine's Day is already underway, and everyone--- from romance-crazed boy/girlfriends to gigantic malls--- is stocking up on the love ammo for the 14th of February. But here's one place who doesn't even have to try being romantic: 10 Dove Street.

Cebuanos have this knack of turning nice houses into even nicer restaurants and 10 Dove Street sits at the top of that list. Imagine a nice cozy house way out in a village, serving you warm, literally home-made four-course meals. Fancy and comfy at the same time! One problem though: Sto. Nino Village=very far from my island. Meh. So now that they've conveniently relocated at the Oakridge Business Park in Banilad, my heart sings a fervent booyah. Thank heavens for their concern to customers who live far and away!

 Interestingly enough, the place still sticks to its warm, homey feel. 

 I have contracted two of my pretty friends to come along for a lovely dinner date. :)

The friends and I got the Kitchen Favorites set (295 php) which will get you your choice of soup+entree+dessert.

Crab and Corn Bisque
Chicken and Asparagus Soup
The Crab and Corn Bisque was rich and creamy. Big up to the Very Real bits of crab. Just heaven. Fay had the Broccoli and Cheese soup which was alright whilst Magi had the Chicken and Asparagus soup but you can see her taking more out of my bowl than hers. Haha. 

Now here's where I realized I could never be a food blogger: after the soup I was already full. Geez. All this hype for 10 Dove and I've spoiled myself on my first course. Maybe I was made only for Happy Meals after all. LOL.

Here come the entree! I really appreciated their menu because it was labelled with what kind of meat the meal has. Very helpful for my devout Muslim friend.

Tuna Putanesca
Seafood Delight

Hearty Chuck Wagon Burger
We're treated to Tuna Putanesca, Seafood Delight and a Hearty Chuck Wagon Burger. My burger was great! The bun wasn't warm (first world problems duh) but it was great. Tuna Putanesca will win the hearts of those who love the fresh Italian tomato-ey taste (not me). Seafood Delight will be a favorite to friends who are on a cheat day but are too guilty to eat something unhealthy. Dig in! :)

They're trying hard to look candid. :)
A word of caution though: if you're one of those who love rice, 10 Dove won't be the best place for you. Their rice meals are quite limited. So don't bring the boyfriend if he can take down 3 rounds of extra rice at Mang Inasal.

Dessert was 3 kinds of cakes that I can't seem to name. Mine was strawberry but I had it to go because I was too full! I can't be a food blogger, I told you.

All in all, despite my lacking skills in, well, eating, the 10 Dove Street experience was great! It was my first time to enjoy a course meal so I really had fun choosing and waiting for the next great thing to come out of their kitchen. The staff is friendly and are even in first name bases with patrons who frequesnt the place. The ambience is perfect for long dinners, talks and even family gatherings.

Come drop by and have the 10 Dove Street experience yourself. :)

10 Dove Street is located at Oakridge Business Park, 880 AS Fortuna St. Mandaue City.
Open from 10:00 am to 10:00pm
(032) 418 1010 or 318 3674

Tell me what you think! Leave a comment and be my friend! :)

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  1. This place looks so neat with all those whites. And the food looks good, I'm getting hungry!


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