Hi there! This will be my first-ever post that's not imported from my old Tumblr blog. And what better way to kick it off than to show off something we all love: the beach! Cebu is blessed with great beaches. White sand, awesome water, marine life that drives tourists nuts---name it, it's all here. The best part is, it's summer all year round. Cebu is practically beach planet (actually it's an island but duh, you know what I mean). Last summer, the work friends and I decided to spend it down south in one of the most popular destinations: Basdaku, Moalboal.

It was my first time to go to Moalboal. I know, where have I been all my life? Anyway, from our workplace at IT Park, we took a cab to Citilink, which is right beside South Bus Terminal. There, my friend Mariel---haggler extraordinaire--- convinced the V-Hire driver to let us pakyaw or rent his entire van for around P110 each. Not a bad deal! It was three hours of travel, eating this huge tupperware of blueberry cheesecake that one of the kids brought. We stopped over Gaisano Carcar for some supplies and off we went on the road again.

We finally reached Moalboal at around noon. Tip: it's always better to leave early, unless you wanna starve on the road. To get to Basdaku, you have to pay an entrance fee of a whopping P10. Yeap. Just ten bucks and you have access to the white sand beach. From there you can choose from nice hotel rooms to campsites to cottages. You can even camp out if you feel like it. When we arrived though, there was some conflict with our arrangements. We had to scout until we found our cute little hut:

Our hut was for rent for P500 a night. No running water. Just one tiny room with a socket to plug your gadgets in. But look at that view!
Sadly, our tiny little hut wasn't enough as there were so many of us. So we sent another scouting party to look for a bigger place. Good news was they found one called Bigsand Campgrounds. The bad news was, it was on the other end of the beach! Basdaku (which literally means 'big sand') is a stretch of beach almost 2km long. And so begins our exodus to the comfort of indoor plumbing and real beds.

My friends love fake-smiling for me. LOL.
It might've been a long way, but look at that beach! The sand! The water!

Along the way, we bumped into this cool rasta guy who sold hand-made accessories. He was the real thing.

And so we finally arrived at Bigsand. Here, the rooms were pricier at P2000/night. But its already airconditioned and it comes with your own bathroom. The people here are very accommodating as well. They helped us set-up our sinugba dinner. It's a campground so it's pretty laid-back. They basically let you cook and play and practically do as you please. 

Bigsand is at the far end of the beach so expect less people, more chill. Oh yeah. :)

They have pingpong tables!

And hammocks!
After we found our home for the night, it was of course, time to hit the beach at last! We would end up taking photos til the next day, where we headed for Pescador Island. But that's another story! For now, here's us!

My friend Nalen and me. :P
Pearl is very excited, no?
Check out that sunset!

#jumpshots are mandatory

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